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Yes.. because we have left a piece of our hearts there!!!!
We have just come back from one of the most beautiful experiences of all our lives: the one-week study stay in London which ITES Valturio plans every year for third year classes of the RIM course.
19 of us and two teachers, Prof Orazi end Prof Gatti have spent a week in that city to study English ( this is what we were doing in the morning ) and to see the wonderful sights of London.
We stayed at some families in groups of two, three or four in Fairlop, which is an area in the North-East of London and every day we took the Tube to get to school, which was located in the city centre near the British Museum.
The lessons have been really useful for our English, especially for our oral skills, thanks to a great and handsome  teacher, Jack, who was so patient with us and helped us get the right pronunciation of each new word and taught us the language people speak in the real world, not on text books where everything is invented!
In the afternoon the teachers took us to visit the British Museum, the Changing of the Guards ceremony at Buckingham Palace,the Natural History Museum,Carnaby Street, Chinatown, Soho, Camden Town, Covent Garden, the Tower of London, London Bridge and the National Gallery where they had planned a really funny Treasure Hunt, won by the boys!!!!And much more....
We walked a lot to visit parks, streets, squares, bridges.... and we left our heart there.
Thanks teachers and Valturio to give us the chance of living such wonderful experiences!!!!!
If you want to have an idea of our happiness see the photo collection we have published on Youtube.