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Progetto RUSESL - Reducing Upper Secondary School Leaving with Practice Enterprise

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The RUSESL project aims to study, design and create a Practice Enterprise model that will contribute to the development of social, ICT and entrepreneurial skills in upper secondary students of 16-19 years old with a high risk to be early school leavers. The outcomes of the project are to be applied on a European and international scale.
Increasing student motivation and reducing early school leaving through:
➢ Relevant and engaging curriculum designed and adapted to the student’s ambitions
➢ Flexible educational paths offering different pathways to each student
➢ Initial and continuous education for teachers to equip teachers with the skills to adopt inclusive and student-focused methods
➢ Strong well-developed guidance system with a focus on the individual in relation to their particular needs and circumstances
➢ Cooperation with the world of work, providing opportunities at an early stage that allow young people to experience the world of work.
The project Consortium relies on key international partners dealing with early school leaving in the vocational training system and secondary schools for applying the Practice Enterprise methodology to their curriculum. The RUSESL project team consists of 9 partners from Germany, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Lithuania. EUROPEN-PEN International, with over 25 years of experience in over 40 countries, leads the project.

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